About Ona

Ona is a social enterprise that builds the data infrastructure to drive change. We believe technology affords new opportunities for governments and development organizations to be increasingly data driven, collaborative and accountable. Our goal is never simply to build a great product, but to support great outcomes.

We are located in Nairobi and Washington DC. Find us elsewhere on Github and Twitter.

Our team

Alex has a passion for designing and implementing IT systems that look to create positive impact in today’s society. With a background in System design, Project Management and Business process modeling, he enjoys taking on projects to ensure they are completed above board.


Alex Kahure
Senior Project Manager

Antonate is a software engineer with a passion for technology and data science. She is an avid reader and addicted to new knowledge. Prior to Ona, she worked on big data analytics at National Intelligence Service.


Antonate Maritim
Software Engineer

Benjamin is a software engineer with a passion of projects that improve life. He has experience on Android & Java. When not doing tech related stuff he will be exploring one of the many wildlife parks in the country, he loves to travel & watch rugby.


Benjamin Mwalimu
Software Engineer

Bilhah is an interactive and lively person, with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a background in software development using C#. She has experience facilitating software trainings, providing client support, building user guidance material and QA testing of software.


Bilhah Kimondiu
Support and Data Analyst

Carolyn brings a public health background to Ona. She specializes in health ICT project implementation, bridging the gap between health and technology to ensure solutions are in line with national and global health standards of care.


Carolyn Gulas
Health Solutions Lead

Chantal has 6 years of experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies. She is Taiden’s mother and a strong believer in children with disabilities and women empowerment. She can do a handstand too.


Chantal Openda
Growth and Sales Associate

Clay has a background in healthcare analytics and is fascinated by the numerous emerging ways of processing and making sense of big data sets. In his free time, he likes to hike, listen to music, and play chess.

Clay Crosby
Project Manager

Conor uses HCD methods to design, explore, and build ICT solutions that advance efforts to solve society’s most pressing issues. He is a designer, coder, and problem solver, passionate about creating positive social impact.


Conor Kelly
Software Engineer

Craig is hyper focused on adding value at the point of service to improve the care of clients. This manifests itself by developing robust applications, core services and integrated solutions at national scale.


Craig Appl
Health Technical Lead

Darlene studied statistics and has a keen interest in computer interactive statistics. Previously, she worked at a research firm. She loves data analytics and statistical programming, and would like to pursue aspects of data science further.


Darlene Kwamboka
Data Analyst

Elly has experience in java and android development. He has a background in B. Tech ICT and enjoys participating in projects that require him to work outside his knowledge and skill set. Besides work he dedicates some of his free time learning to play electronic keyboard.


Elly Kitoto
Software Engineer Intern

Emmanuel is a software developer with experience in Android app development, Java web applications, and Linux system administration. His experience lies in developing medical and financial systems.


Emmanuel Tarus
Software Engineer

Ephraim is a passionate developer with a knack for challenges. He also loves automating repetitive tasks whenever possible. When not solving code challenges, you can find him spending time with family and trying new things.


Ephraim Kigamba
Software Engineer

Ephraim is a software engineer with experience in Java and Android development. He has a background in pure mathematics and interests in computational intelligence.


Ephraim Muhia
Technical Project Manager

Erick brings 8+ years’ experience in the development, sale and implementation of IT systems. He has worked in 4 continents to analyse processes and design change management approaches. Erick holds a MSc in Info Sys and Management from Warwick Business School in the UK.

Erick Ngwiri
Director of Client Solutions

Evelyn has over 6 years experience and knowledge in formulating resourcing policies and processes, recruitment and selection, regional labour laws, organisational development and office management. Apart from being a people partner she enjoys trying new recipes, travelling and volunteering.

Evelyn Mthairu
People Specialist

Faith has a data analysis background with a BSc. in Math and CS. She loves working on the support team since she’s able to work with different people using data for positive social impact. Outside work, she enjoys travelling.


Faith Mutua
Support Assistant & QA

Hellen is a certified Public accountant with experience in Intuit Quickbooks and Xero. She has worked for Kyle Associates Ltd as an accountant and consultant. When not working, she love reading novels and watching movies.


Hellen Adhekon
Admin Assistant

Jane is focused on providing exceptional support on clients to enhance efficiency and effectiveness and also enjoys working with data to solve issues which impact the society.Jane has a background in Economics and Statistics.


Jane Mesi
Support and Data Analyst

Janette has a background in designing and developing both web and Android applications. She enjoys spending her time tackling new challenges and creating solutions.


Janette Wambere
Software Engineer

Jason is a developer with a growing interest in the Go programming language. When not at work, Jason is either out with a friend talking about Linux or indoors playing with IoT connected devices. He’s previously worked for the data collection team at ILRI.


Jason Rogena
Site Reliability Engineer

John is a software engineer experienced in Clojure, Clojurescript, React and Flutter. Aside from work, he loves watching Hollywood series like GoT and practicing martial arts. John has a B.S. in Information Technology.


John Mwashuma
Software Engineer

Kelvin spends some of his time making luxury bathing soap. Apart from soap making, he is a full-stack developer who loves Python. Kelvin is passionate about technology and how it can improve lives.


Kelvin Jayanoris
Software Engineer

Kipchirchir is experienced in Javascript, C# and Clojure, holding a BSc in Computer Technology from JKUAT. Besides being an enthusiastic open-source advocate, he enjoys listening to heavy metal music and supports Liverpool.


Kipchirchir Cheroigin
Software Engineer

Linc is a problem solver who adores challenges. Linc has experience in Python and has previously worked with Soko. Besides work, he enjoys playing guitar, winning chess and painting.


Lincoln Simba
Software Engineer Intern

Previously an E-Health Analyst at Clinton Health Access Initiative and Software Developer at FrontlineSMS, Ekisa enjoys working in teams, has a passion for choral music and supports Man U.


Mark Ekisa
Software Engineer

Martin is a full stack engineer passionate about solving real world problems using technology. He recommends a test-driven Agile approach. When not coding, Martin likes to keep fit, travel and watch anime and sci-fi.


Martin Ndegwa
Software Engineer

When not relearning how to code, Matt is CEO of Ona. He was born in Cameroon, grew up in Senegal, and has worked in Africa for 15+ years. Matt is a PopTech! Social Innovation Fellow and was named to the 2010 Time 100 List.

 mberg      mberg

Matt Berg

Megan leads the efforts to build a world class support team at Ona. She also brings a wealth of technical M&E background to Ona.


Megan Schroeder
Support and M&E Manager

Morris is an experienced fullstack developer and a devops evangelist. He has worked on systems across five industries while helping software teams automate their processes.


Morris Mukiri
Site Reliability Engineer

Peter leads technology at Ona. He has been the lead technical architect on projects in Haiti, India, Kenya, and Libya. In the past he has solved search, data science, and development problems while at Stanford, the Earth Institute, and Intent Media.

 peetldee      pld

Peter Lubell-Doughtie

Kahama is a software Engineer Intern with experience in javascript. Apart from work, He loves swimming, cooking and organising church activities.


Pharis Kahama
Software Engineer Intern

Roger leads design at Ona, bringing user-centered design, design thinking and interaction design services to all projects. Prior to co-founding Ona, he designed at the Earth Institute and Frog.

 rowodesign      rowo

Roger Wong
Head of Design

Ronald is a full-stack software engineer. He has an eye for beautiful code and user interfaces. I’m passionate about developing applications that collect , manipulate and coalesce huge data-sets and presenting them in simple insightful ways for humans.


Ronald Kudoyi
Software Engineer

Rosalia has an MBA in Finance, CPA-K and BBA in Finance and Accounting. She has 8+ years experience in financial systems development, internal control implementation, budgeting, procurement, and property and HR management.


Rosalia Lorenzen
Operations Manager

Samson studied applied statistics and mathematics. He is passionate in analysing data using R and SPSS. Besides Data Analysis he likes listening to Reggae music and supports Arsenal.


Samson Amwata
Data Analyst

Samuel is experienced in Java and Android development. He is passionate about developing software solutions, big data, BI analytics and machine learning. When not working, he loves spending time with his family.


Samuel Githengi
Software Engineer

Ukang’a Dickson works on Ona development. Prior to Ona, he led Formhub development at Columbia University, was a core engineer of the ChildCount+ system. He also contributed to the online safaricom IPO platform.


Ukang’a Dickson
Head of Engineering

Vincent is interested in impactful projects revolving around innovative technologies. He holds a B.S.E. degree in Electrical Engineering. His leisure time would usually include playing basketball, swimming, hiking or catching a good movie.


Vincent Karuri
Software Engineer

Winnie is a vigilant, energetic and prayerful individual with a dream of one day bettering myself and society along with it. I aspire to learning different skills that will one day impact society and myself and spend most of my free time reading or enjoying the company of friends and family.


Winny Kiragu
Software Engineer Intern