Announcing Ona Data 2

Ona Staff
October 01, 2015
Happy 2.0 Ona with rainbow sprinkles

We launched Ona 2 today! In our previous announcements herehere, and on our release log, we described the new features in Ona 2. There’s also a Getting Started guide that will show you, well, how to get started, and what has changed from the previous version of Ona. If you have questions on the transition, please email

To celebrate the launch, all users get a 3 week unlimited use trial. On October 21, personal plans will be free up to 500 submissions a month and 15 private projects and Ona organization accounts will be free for public data projects.

The team has worked hard on this, as evidenced in this photo from earlier today:

Ona team work

We are very excited to release this into the world, but know there’s much more to do. In the coming months, we’ll be releasing updates and look forward to continuing to bring users the best data tools for the social and humanitarian sectors.