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Resources - December 26, 2015

Give your questions the colors they deserve

We’ve just added a small but powerful new feature that gives you more control on how you visualize data on your map. One of the challenges with our maps to date is you could not specify the colors for specific responses to data. Since colors are randomly assigned, it’s very possible to have true show up as

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Press - December 10, 2015

Map Your World and Ona at Geo for Good 2015

This past October I spoke on behalf of Map Your World at the 2015 Geo for Good User Summit. Map Your World empowers youth to explore issues and ideas that matter – like clean drinking water, or food justice – then write surveys, collect data, and create maps to make change in their communities. This amazing project is powered

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Work - October 15, 2015

Ona Data Projects

This post will tell you everything you need to know about creating, sharing, managing, and getting the most out of your projects in Ona. What is a project? In Ona, a project is where your related forms and data are stored. Projects can hold as many forms and data as your plan allows. When you first log in to

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Work - October 01, 2015

Announcing Ona Data 2

We launched Ona 2 today! In our previous announcements here, here, and on our release log, we described the new features in Ona 2. There’s also a Getting Started guide that will show you, well, how to get started, and what has changed from the previous version of Ona. If you have questions on the transition, please email support@ona.io. To celebrate the launch,

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Work - June 22, 2015

Next Up Roadmap

Since it’s always good to know what’s coming up, here are a few new features you should look out for on beta.ona.io in the next few weeks. Improved charts Summary charts will be embeddable, made persistent, and slightly customized. This will allow you to change a chart’s title, as well as generate code to embed it on

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Work - May 30, 2015

Making Ona reliable and resilient

Last year, we experienced a few small periods of downtime. We made changes to bring this up to 99.8% API uptime in 2015. However, the remaining 0.2% bothered our engineering team, so after additional work, we recently hit a rewarding milestone: 30+ days of 100% uptime on our API and front-end site! The first big

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Work - May 16, 2015

Open Street Map as a global "check-in" service

Getting more out of Open Street Maps? At Ona, we’ve always been big fans Open Street Maps (OSM). What’s always bugged me is I felt (like many groups), we’ve failed to fully understand and leverage the incredible wealth of data that OSM represents. Sure, our basemaps are powered with OSM data. And yes, we encourage partners

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Work - May 14, 2015

KLL Humanitarian Quake Map now available as basemap in Ona

 Source: Remembering the Lost – Map of Stolen Sculptures from Nepal The Nepal earthquake has shown how important open map data from Open Street Maps (OSM) can be in a humanitarian crisis of this magnitude. Our friends at Kathmandu Living Labs and MapBox worked together to develop a print friendly map that highlights key infrastructure, critical after an earthquake, like

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Work - April 24, 2015

Assessing the quality of adolescent health services in Brazil

Workshop participants visited a local health facility on the last day In 1960, the national capital of Brazil re-located from Rio de Janiero, on the Atlantic coast, to Brasilia, which is in the central-west highlands of Brazil. Even though Oscar Niemeyer’s masterpiece in modern urban architecture doesn’t boast the beaches or invoke the same image

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Work - July 07, 2014

Upcoming: The Next Ona

The primary focus of our product team over the past few months has been working to overhaul the Ona platform. While the existing data collection tool is useful, we’re improving it on three fronts:   Revamping the user interface with a new design language Adding new functionality to support user management, organization accounts, and improved

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