Drive impact with data.

Canopy Analytics is first data management solutions platform designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of social impact and international development organizations.

From global initiatives to single country projects, data is the currency of the digital world. Canopy Analytics is a suite of tools we use to help you turn tangled information into measurable improvements in outcomes.

Canopy Flow

For our projects to be successful, we need to answer mission critical questions by merging different types of data together. As the size and variety of data increases, doing this quickly and efficiently is difficult or impossible using traditional ETL workflows and relational databases.

Canopy Flow allows you to clean, enrich, transform, and blend both data in motion, from real-time streams, and data at rest, from existing data stores.

Canopy EDW

No matter the size of your dataset, you need an analytics engine that is both fast and powerful when working with big data.

Canopy EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) is capable of scaling to petabytes of data, querying across trillions of rows, and streaming millions of events per second. It runs efficient, sophisticated algorithms that combine both data at motion and data at rest, providing your consumers with real-time, actionable insights.

Canopy Insights

Merging and storing data isn’t always enough. As big data technologies grow, we continue to learn about the power of turning raw data into information.

Canopy Insights allows you to apply predictive models and machine learning algorithms to identify anomalies, flag high risk events, and forecast future demand.

Canopy Discover

All of the work around data ingestion and business logic definition is wasted if your consumers aren’t able to effortlessly understand them.

Whether with dashboards or map layers tagged with GIS-tagged data, you’ll be able to elegantly display the insights from Canopy Insights in easy-to-understand visualizations. Already have a preferred visualization tool? No problem, Canopy can use those instead.

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