Drive impact with data.

Canopy is the first data management solutions platform designed to meet the needs of social impact and international development organizations.

From global initiatives to single country projects, data is the foundation of the digital world. But having data is not enough: it must be integrated and understood to generate value. Canopy is Ona’s data analytics service to help you turn tangled information into consistent and reliable analysis.

Who it is for

Canopy is designed for organizations with significant data needs, where the data is vast or spread throughout different applications. Ona’s team will help you connect important data and automate key business processes, leaving data management to the experts so you can focus on your project outcomes.

Features (what’s in the package)

  • Connect to the sources you care about the most. Create near-real-time integrations from a list of supported sources and monitor the status of connectors over time.
    • Sources: Ona Data, Rapidpro, OpenSRP, CSV, FHIR, and custom sources
  • Store all your data in one place. Access a data warehouse that scales with your needs and breaks the silos of different data sources. 
  • Create insights using a next-generation visualization tool. Analyze your data and share your insights using Akuko, Ona’s integrated business intelligence and data storytelling platform.
  • Access dedicated service and support from Ona. Use our experts to connect your data, normalize, clean, and join data from your various sources, and prepare for analysis.   
    • Access to Ona’s help desk and centralized support
    • Support from Ona’s data analysts to work specifically on your data to prepare it for analysis
    • Training for data visualization creation using Akuko


Canopy as a solution backbone

Canopy is the foundational tool for an organization to manage its data, but each project and implementation is different. Do you need to integrate custom data sources, use different data visualization components, or create fully usable tools and applications for your stakeholders? You can use Canopy as part of a dedicated solution.

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