Ona Labs is a supported initiative within our company for team members to leverage their knowledge, skills, and care to think big and be bold.


see an opportunity for change

Small teams within Ona partner with forward-thinking partners to tackle global intractable problems.


product development

Develop and field test the solution to validate our hypothesis for impact.


From Lab to Product

Ready to graduate, Ona moves Lab experiments to the Product page, allowing it to replicate and scale in the field.


Implementation & replication

We replicate and scale our products to your needs.

What’s in the lab?


Akuko is a data storytelling platform that makes it easy to build interactive maps, charts and tables, from different data sources and combine them with photos and narrative text to tell a story with data.

True Cover

True Cover is an addition to OpenSRP that empowers local teams to accurately visualize where the highest risks in their community are and precisely target service delivery to intervene.

Quest on FHIRCore

Quest, short for questionnaire, is a digital health toolkit built with OpenSRP FHIRCore that makes it possible for non-technical users to develop and implement FHIR native data collection and case management apps