True Cover

A novel, non-denominator based approach for estimating coverage using geospatial satellite sampling.

Time + Data + User Agency = Change

Immunization rates are linked to the ability to find kids. For the past decade, in places like rural Zambia, immunization coverage rates have been stuck at 80% which means, 1 in 5 children doesn’t benefit from the vital protection immunizations offer. Reaching every child means providing better visibility on coverage to local health teams. Coverage rates based on demographic estimates are notoriously unreliable and fail to account for heterogeneity in coverage that exists.

Product Development

True Cover leverages high resolution satellite imagery and advanced geospatial predictive models to create a proportion based approach for accurately estimating coverage rates. We have designed it as an easy-to-use mobile data collection and analysis tool accessible for any local health team to use.

From Data Analysis to Action

Once the data is corrected, healthcare workers can provide the necessary amount of vaccinations throughout the region.

Step 1

Identify where people live.

Step 2

Select a geospatially representative sample of households to visit. Collect child immunization records.

Step 3

Use True Cover to predict coverage across all structures. Visit areas where it True Cover notes low confidence in predictions.

Step 4

Health workers are tasked to visit the structures using a mobile app and collect immunization on the household. Besides predicting coverage True Cover provides the estimate of prediction uncertainty.

What our partners say
"Ona has made organization and data privacy options easy to use and transparent.” READ MORE

Joe Hand
Informal Settlements Project
Santa Fe Institute

“Ona has made organization and data privacy options easy to use and transparent. As an organization that manages data for vulnerable communities, data privacy and ease of selective sharing is imperative. Similarly, since we have many users who are new to computers having strong customer support was important. The support provided by Ona has helped new users feel comfortable, and even excited, to use the platform.”

Joe Hand
Informal Settlements Project
Santa Fe Institute

Critical Insight

True Cover empowers communities to improve health equity by visualizing accurate data. Seeing the numbers makes the difference between isolated cases of measles and an epidemic.

Future Vision

True Cover has been deployed in Zambia and Thailand to combat measles and malaria. We aim to work across the globe with communities who are also struggling to reach 90% immunization because of data inequity.

Together we can tackle global intractable problems.