Thanks for Attending the Python Expose at the Python Nairobi Meetup

Peter Lubell-Doughtie
August 11, 2016

A special thanks to everyone who attended the Python Expose at the Python Nairobi Meetup.


The 4 hour session that took place at Ona’s Nairobi office had presentations from Dickson Ukang’a, Co-founder and Director of Engineering at OnaVitalis Shisoka, Software Developer at Echo-Mobile and Edoardo Biraghi, Director of Software Development at BRCK. The speakers kept the crowd invigorated with their informative presentations on how to succeed by solving problems using Python applications.

We’ve uploaded some photos from the meetup to our facebook page.

Here’s Edorado Biraghi’s presentation on using circuit breakers to improve microservices:

And Vitalis Shisoka’s presentation on using Echo-Sense for real-time data analysis: