Support to Improve Basic Infrastructure of Communities Affected by Recent Floods in Kolonnawa Divisional Secretariat Division

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On 15 May 2016 Sri Lanka was hit by a severe tropical storm Roanu that caused widespread flooding and landslides in 22 districts out 25 districts in the country, destroying homes and submerging entire villages and urban neighbourhoods. More than 300,000 people have been affected according to Sri Lanka Disaster Management Centre. These were reportedly the worst floods in 25 years. Colombo District is the worst affected district in the country with 190,349 people affected by the floods. This is mostly as a result of large numbers of people living on reclaimed, marsh land that is highly susceptible to flooding. One of the most affected Divisional Secretariat (DS) divisions in Colombo District was Kolonnawa. The main reasons for these heavy damages were that this area being a low lying area located adjacent to Kelani River and flood water remained without receding for over one week. There are 46 Grama Diladhari (GN) Divisions in Kolonnawa DS Division, out of which 39 had the worst experience of the floods and damages to infrastructure, properties and people’s livelihoods. It was reported that about 18,756 families or 94,151 individuals were affected. The project was initiated in one GN Division, which is called ‘Kelanimulla GND’ as recommended by the Divisional Secretary because it was one of the severely affected GNDs in Kolonnawa during the flood in May 2016. As there was project fund available after completion of improvement of drains and access paths identified in Kellanimulla GN area, the project team has included 06 additional drains and access paths in Wennawatta area of Kollonawa on the request of Divisional Secretary. During the period of 01st September 2016 to 31st December 2016, Our local partner SEVANATHA has completed successfully the construction works and handed over to the community 30 toilets and improved 2 km of access roads and damaged drains (13 access roads with side drains).

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