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RapidPro is an open source platform from Nyaruka and UNICEF that makes it easy to visually build SMS-based applications and questionnaires using “Flows.” RapidPro also supports the ability to communicate with users on Telegram and Facebook Messenger, creating an amazing potential to engage with end users.

RapidPro by Ona Hosted Service

RapidPro by Ona is our own' instance of RapidPro. We routinely make it available and can bundle it with your Ona platform if you are a paid user. If you are interested in getting setup right away with a hosted account please contact us.


Local RapidPro Hosting

Need to run your own RapidPro instance? Our engineering team has extensive experience setting up and providing remote servers for both RapidPro and Ona. Contact us to discuss your project.


Custom RapidPro Solutions

Our team has over a decade of experience designing, creating and implementing SMS based solutions at national scale. With the WHO, we are currently using RapidPro to help them develop an adolescent health assessment system which will be piloted across several countries. Contact us to discuss how we could potentially be of help in your next project.


RapidPro Development

We have extensive experience developing in Django, the Python framework in which both RapidPro and Ona is built. Our engineering team is available, to add new functionality or customize RapidPro to your needs. In doing so, we’ll work closely with the RapidPro core team to ensure any improvements are coordinated so they can be contributed back to the overall code base.



We have experience creating Bots in RapidPro that can communicate with your end users via SMS, Telegram or Facebook messenger. We’re currently working on an early childhood education app with partners in Indonesia. Contact us for more information or if you would like a demo.


Ona to RapidPro Integrations

Ona can push data from a form submission into a RapidPro flow via the RapidPro Ona app. Contact us if you would like to explore how this integration can be used to create data alerts, automatically register clients and create other useful notifications.

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