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Covid-19 Rapid Response Scenarios using Ona Data to help you make better informed decisions

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The Ona platform powers thousands of applications in humanitarian aid, government, and global development.

M&E Assessments

Reduce M&E costs and help improve data quality. Ona is used by third party monitoring groups, UN agencies and NGO's worldwide.

First Response

Deploy data collection to the field instantly. Groups like the Reach Initiative, Kathmandu Living Labs, Mercy Corps have used Ona to respond to humanitarian disasters.

Humanitarian Relief

Coordinate large humanitarian efforts across multiple agencies. Currently, Ona is used by DFID partners in Somalia to coordinate humanitarian response.


Conduct assessments to have an early understanding of your project, infrastructure program, or implementation. Nigeria's government mapped 250K facilities to support a national level MDG effort.


Organizations like the Red Cross and Slum Dweller's International are teaching individuals to map their communities and understand how to use data to anticipate and respond to hardship.

Service Delivery

Ensure services are delivered efficiently where they are needed most. With mSpray, Ona enabled malaria sprayers target demand and deliver efficient, pinpoint accurate services.


From health assessments to managing the quarantine of ebola households, Ona has a wide range of health applications. At the Kenya Ministry of Health, it's used to deliver vital health services and understand patient needs.


Map for risk and monitor change for environmental change


Monitor elections and promote citizen feedback and government accountability democracy groups like Democracy International have used Ona for election monitoring

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