Impact Grants


Data is powerful and empowering. It has the remarkable ability to alter our actions and transform the world we live in. Data’s value is why we build tools to make collecting and understanding data easier, more efficient, and accessible.

The mission of the Ona Impact Grants Program is to empower organizations and people around the world with the right tools to use data for positive social impact. Our grants program provides free access to the Ona service, including technical support, to organization and individuals making a difference, who might not be able to afford our service otherwise.

As a social enterprise, whose central purpose is to help make data insights accessible for all, our impact grants program is central to achieving our mission.

Who can apply

  • Grassroots organizations, community, and religious groups that do not receive donor funding and rely heavily on volunteer work to operate
  • Students (K-PhD) who wish to use Ona for non-funded school projects or research studies
  • Educators, instructors, and teachers who wish to use Ona in the classroom
  • Researchers who are not grant funded

Who should not apply

Organizations that receive grant and donor funding including governments, NGOs, Universities, and researchers (including postdocs) to conduct their research and work.

How to apply

Fill out the application form. You’ll need to be signed up for the Ona account you’d like to use for the impact grant program. We’ll confirm receipt within a day and make a decision within a few days. Email if you have questions.

Grant conditions

We are excited to offer this program to support organizations that are making lasting impacts in their communities. Therefore we think it’s important to document and share the work that our grant winners are doing. To this end, in accepting the grant you agree to allow Ona to publicize your work on our website, including your project’s name, location, organization, and a short description. Additionally, after 90 days and at the end of the year, we request an update from grantees on how using Ona is going. This information will potentially be included in our blog and other communications materials.

Each grant period will be one year. The grant winner must re-apply for the grant at the end of the year to maintain their account status. There is no limit to the number of years a grant winner can re-apply.