Global Resilience Partnership launches website to showcase bold solutions for a resilient future

Ona Staff
November 11, 2020

Earlier this year, the Stockholm-based Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) launched the Resilience Platform to promote its mission of creating a resilient, sustainable, and prosperous future for people and places. In collaboration with GRP, Ona designed and built the platform to capture, access, and advance the latest knowledge for both GRP partners and the world resilience community.

GRP wanted the site quickly and we obliged by leveraging previous lessons learned, a Scrum approach, and frequent meetings to review designs and development progress. A key driver in speeding up development was building on top of existing platforms. Two Ona products, Ona Data and Canopy, were combined with Box, enabling us to provide a functionality rich app without having to spend months on foundational technology.

GRP Resilience Platform
Bringing together system components from Ona’s existing tools and a proprietary product.

  1. Ona Data – Tailored to capture solution evidence, stories, and expertise from users in a structured way.
  2. Canopy – Provided an analytics dashboard on performance highlighting impact to beneficiaries.
  3. Box – Integrated as a repository to store monitoring, evaluation, and learning guidance and publications.

GRP’s Resilience Platform is now being updated actively, giving GRP Challenge winners a space to share solutions, resilience stories, and interviews, adding to an instrumental resource for the global resilience community.