Perspective - June 10, 2024

Announcing Ona's 2023/24 Impact Report

Driving meaningful social impact using data and technology is at the heart of our mission. Subsequently, we are proud to announce our 2023/24 Impact Report, Building Next-Gen Tools For Scaled Impact.

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Work - March 19, 2024

Team-based care with OpenSRP 2

Led by the Summit Institute for Development (SID), who also received a grant from Grand Challenge Canada for team-based care, Ona has developed OpenSRP apps for midwives (BidanKu app), vaccinators (VaksinatorKu app), and community health workers (CHWs - KaderKu app)—using a standardized data model and shared database—to provide coordinated care for patients in communities and facilities across Indonesia.

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Work - March 05, 2024

Modern technology to educate millions of children with Imagine Worldwide

We’re excited to partner with Imagine Worldwide, an award-winning NGO offering e-learning to children in the most underserved areas. Imagine collaborated with Ona needing to combine data from the field with data from other systems and from the tablets themselves. They engaged Ona’s Data Solutions services to create a fit-for-purpose Management Information System (MIS) that could organize all their data and create actionable reports for program teams. 

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Tech - March 04, 2024

Using AI to estimate and target immunization coverage with True Cover

Ona created True Cover, a methodology and set of tools that combine high-resolution satellite imagery, spatial sample modeling methods, and lightweight mobile data collection, to enable health facility staff to more accurately calculate coverage for their catchment area. In this post, we look at developing the algorithm and validating the results.

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Work - November 30, 2023

Supporting UNICEF's evaluation of climate change commitments using Akuko

Today’s children and young people will be the most affected by a changed climate, so it is crucial for them to be central stakeholders of climate policies. Recognizing this need, UNICEF set up an evaluation of countries’ climate change commitments, the National Determined Contributions (NDCs), to determine whether commitments in the plans are child-sensitive.

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Work - November 29, 2023

Jenn's Akuko Experience

My experience with Akuko as a novice data nerd has been awesome. Signing up on the Akuko website was a breeze as was playing around with the preexisting sample posts that showcase vital information such as colorful maps, charts, and tables. Health data, global population data, and indices are brought to life on the platform.

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Tech - November 14, 2023

OpenSRP 2 launches in Uganda — the world’s first live FHIR-Native Android App

Ona proudly unveils the groundbreaking rebirth of OpenSRP 2. After introducing the platform earlier this year, we reached another milestone in October when the Electronic Community Health Information System (eCHIS) launched in Uganda with over 1300 CHWs.

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Work - November 09, 2023

Standardizing vaccination coverage monitoring with the RT-VaMA toolkit

Vaccination campaigns are routine around the world, yet the quality of care children receive varies widely. UNICEF partnered with Ona to create RT-VaMA, a deployment toolkit for monitoring vaccination campaigns in the Philippines.

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Tech - October 27, 2023

From e-Chaos to sustainable health impact with FHIR

Despite remarkable progress in digital health, we believe the industry faces significant obstacles to greater impact if we continue with business as usual — and instead propose a holistic solution built around the FHIR standard.

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Perspective - August 20, 2023

Three Advantages of a Modern Data Stack for Digital Development

Managing data in the development sector can be messy. Development organizations want reliable data to assess the effectiveness of their interventions, aiming for continuous improvement and evidence-based decision-making. They strive to expand beyond traditional surveys and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) by digitizing operations and taking advantage of innovations like mobile data collection to gain better insights.

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