Global institutions trust Ona to support their critical work with our products and dynamic team of experts. We collaborate on building and implementing solutions to pressing needs — making data visible to effect change.


Data Collection & Survey Support

No code applications for data collection. Some projects are too important to be left to chance. We support clients like the World Bank and government ministries to design, implement, and support mission-critical data flows.

Applied Digital Health

We work with your team to turn ideas into front-line precision health apps that are seamless deployed, monitored, and operated for your projects goals.

Data Management and ETL

We help our clients to design, extract, transform, and load pipelines in order to manage their data in a flexible, scalable, and secure data warehouse.

Data Integration & Interoperability

Our team has nearly a decade of experience designing, developing and implementing ICT enabled solutions for humanitarian, development and global health contexts.

Dashboards and Real Time Data Analytics

Understand and learn from your programs in real time by streaming data into easily configurable dashboards. Build the analytics that are relevant for your team to solve your unique challenges.

RapidPro Data Collection

RapidPro is an open source platform from Nyaruka and UNICEF that makes it easy to visually build SMS- and text-based applications and questionnaires using “Flows.”

Our Impact

123Msubmissions received
Ona Data has handled 123,173,522 submissions globally since 2013.

170kservices rendered
Vaccines, contraception, ANC visits — 170,000 such services were tracked via our digital health tools.

31Mpeople registered
31 million lives have been empowered with our technology platforms — giving health workers a better way to track clients and field enumerators a better way to collect data.

Our Approach

Sector Expertise

Disaster and First Response
Humanitarian Relief
Service Delivery

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