OpenSRP is a 2018 Gavi Pacesetter

Ona Staff
July 18, 2018

2018 keeps delivering exciting news for the OpenSRP community. Last week, OpenSRP was named a Gavi Pacesetter at the annual Gavi INFUSE workshop in San Francisco, CA. OpenSRP was one of only four Pacesetters selected from an initial pool of 220 applicants. Gavi Pacesetters are selected for their cutting edge technology and innovative approaches for tackling the challenge of immunization coverage.

Ona’s CEO, Matt Berg, attended the workshop and was able to share OpenSRP’s achievements over the last year, notably, the roll-out of the Zambia Electronic Immunization Register (ZEIR) platform to all of Southern Province, in partnership with PATH, BlueCode, and the Ministry of Health. The success of the roll-out paved the way for this recognition by Gavi. With ZEIR, nurses in Zambia are electronically registering all children from birth and ensuring their vaccinations are given on time. The OpenSRP platform gives health workers the tools to increase immunization coverage and ensure all children are registered from birth. Less than a year after the roll-out began in Zambia, over 90,000 children have been registered and over 1 million vaccinations have been recorded in the system.

With Gavi support, OpenSRP will be able to improve immunization coverage and reduce child deaths due to vaccine-preventable diseases in additional countries. The OpenSRP community is excited for the opportunity to partner with Gavi and increase our impact in the years to come.