OpenSRP Nairobi technology sprint, take two!

Ona Staff
April 08, 2016

OpenSRP whiteboard notes

In mid-March, Ona hosted the second OpenSRP engineering sprint, bringing engineers from around the world to Ona’s Nairobi office. Engineering partners from SID (Indonesia), mPower (Bangladesh), IHS (Pakistan), OpenMRS, ThoughtWorks and Jembi (South Africa) joined the sprint to enhance the user experience and performance of OpenSRP, an mHealth platform that empowers frontline health workers in developing countries to deliver more effective healthcare. Ona is the technology lead on OpenSRP, coordinating engineering efforts among teams.

During the last sprint in November 2015, the OpenSRP technology team agreed on a new data model for the platform that would make it easier to sync data between OpenSRP and OpenMRS and allow frontline health workers to share data with each other. This sprint continued focus on data interoperability and improvements to the user experience based on feedback from frontline health workers using OpenSRP in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

We closed issues, saw beautiful stuff (there was a visit to Thomson’s Falls and Lake Bogoria) and improved OpenSRP for a growing number of frontline health workers. For more info on OpenSRP, check out the open source code and documentation wiki, or send a message to

OpenSRP engineers
Sohel from mPower leads a code discussion

OpenSRP engineers