WHO ANC reference app demo video

Ona Staff
April 14, 2021

WHO recently launched SMART guidelines for Antenatal Care (ANC), including the release of the WHO ANC reference app, which was designed and developed by Ona.

We’ve produced a walkthrough demo that goes through the features, including the client list view with task alerts, the process for enrolling a new pregnant woman, data capture and decision support during ANC contacts, and how to record the birth outcome.

Instead of being printed as a guidebook, an aspect of the SMART guidelines approach builds all of the WHO recommendations on antenatal care for a positive pregnancy experience into the dynamic business logic of mobile app. To demonstrate the potential of this first of its kind effort in a reference app, WHO selected OpenSRP for its technical flexibility and user friendliness, working with Ona to translate their guidelines into a digital format.

Access the reference app by filling out filling out WHO’s interest form.