Announcing Ona’s 2023/24 Impact Report

Matt Berg
June 10, 2024

Download the Ona 2023/24 Impact Report [pdf]

The past year was an important one as we began to implement our next generation of products: OpenSRP 2 and Akuko, accompanied by advances we have made to help our partners adopt a modern data stack.

Over the past three years, a key focus has been new product development. By enhancing configurability, and reliability, we are achieving our goal of improving the ability of our team to serve more people while empowering our partners to do more without tools on their own. This is key to our strategy of achieving scaled impact. Though it has been a long journey, we are seeing significant progress with our new generation of tools being used in the field to serve mission critical needs.

Our commitment to promoting open standards and the adoption of FHIR remains a key guiding light for us. They are key to overcoming digital health systems’ current challenges and achieving healthcare that is more patient-centric and coordinated. In fact, our digital health central strategy is promoting and building team-based care systems. While we are still in early days, we are seeing increased understanding from governments and organizations about why FHIR adoption is important. We remain committed to the adoption of open standards and encourage others to join.

As a tech solution provider, Ona achieves impact by supporting the important work of our partners. In the past year, we saw the addition of new partnerships, including joining Connective Impact and HealthTech Hub Accelerator Program as a scale-up venture, and strengthened our existing ones. Our ability to grow impact with partners is a key way we measure if we are achieving our mission as an organization. We thank our partners for the partnership, support, understanding and commitment for achieving positive change.

Our mission since we started has been: Where need is greatest, using data to transform lives. To support this mission in the past year, we have tracked indicators following three strategic directives: (1) Strengthen health systems, (2) Maximize impact through data, and (3) Scale impact sustainably. These numbers continue to guide our impact efforts as we leverage our years of product development. We hope you enjoy this impact report.


Matt Berg
CEO of Ona