Perspective - July 09, 2015

The Perfect Kenyan Chapo

 The Ona team convenes at Dickson’s home to learn the art of making chapo. Recipe and photos below. The Golden Ticket Since my first lunch in Nairobi, Dickson has insisted that all restaurant chapatis pale in comparison to his mother’s recipe. Here’s how every lunch would go when I’m in town: “This is great!” I’d

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Perspective - May 08, 2015

Small Data helps Big Data solve Big Problems

A recent article in the New York Times describes how organizations are using small survey based datasets to enrich the big data sets that usually get all the hype. Alex Peysakhovich and Seth Stephens-Davidowitz argue that survey data goes hand in hand with big data: Big data in the form of behaviors and small data in the

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Perspective - July 13, 2014

Our Stories From Libya

View of the Mediterranean Sea from Tripoli On February 20th 2014, Libya elected an assembly to draft a constitution intended to advance the country’s transition to democracy and break a political stalemate more than two years after an uprising toppled Muammar Gaddafi. Ona worked with the Libyan High National Election Commission and the United Nations

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Perspective - May 21, 2014

Starting Ona

Ona Nairobi’s mascot and destroyer of dog beds, Mali We started Ona six months ago and it’s been quite the ride so far. Since launching, we’ve completed a few cool projects, which we’ll be posting soon to the website. A major success was building the vote tallying system used in Libya’s elections. We’ve also added key

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Perspective - April 21, 2014

NYC to Nairobi: Great Ideas and Good Times!

  We just had an exciting week at the Nairobi office. The New York team came down to build our synergies, share ideas, feast on ugali and spot some game. Top of the agenda was redesigning Ona’s user interface and adding new functionality for our enterprise users. We’re excited about the updated user interface that

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